Beers at Adventure North

This Is a list of the Beers that are currently available at Adventure North


Year Round

Stiletto Stout (Stout)

Some adventures are a little on the darker side. A rich, malty, and smooth stout. Stiletto Stout has a full flavor and light roasted overtones, making it a brewery favorite.


Expedition IPA (IPA)

An interesting update to plain old IPAs, Expedition IPA calls forth a blend of citrus and white wine hop flavors that temper a clean lightly malted grain background. Certain to satisfy the long time IPA lover, this beer avoids the hop punch associated with many IPAs.



Specialty Beer On Tap

Temporary Insanity (Imperial Stout)

A full bodied Russian style imperial stout that pours pitch black. Flavor and aroma is rich and earthy with dark malts, dark fruits with hints of chocolate. Aftertaste is roasty and malty, with some fruity notes.


Rising Sun Imperial Red (Irish Red)

A strong, full-flavored American Red ale that challenges and rewards the palate with full malty and hoppy flavors and substantial bitterness. The flavors are bold but complementary and are stronger and richer than average strength American Red ales.


Black Sail Scotch Ale (Scottish Ale)

A malty beer with slight roasty flavors and hints of smoke. This full bodied beer brings forth warmth and complexity.


Wicked Nymph (Imperial Stout)

Rich and roasty flavors are accentuated with a tropical hop aroma in our Wicked Nymph Imperial Stout.


Seasonal Beer On Tap

Sour IPA

This tart beer is the perfect balance between hops and sour! This fantastic beer starts with a tart flavor and ends with a fresh citrus hop punch courtesy of the delightful citra hop. This beer is a collision of worlds that is sure to please!



Flavors of caramel and nutty malt form the backbone and it’s balanced with a perfect pitch of hops to fight off lingering sweetness. Its medium body and moderate alcohol content is not overpowering, making this an easy drinking beer.


White Chocolate Stout (Stout)

A golden stout made with lactose, cacao nibs, and coffee beans.


Night Hike Black IPA (Black IPA)

A black IPA that is slightly roasty and dry hopped with Columbus and Topaz hops


Mary Washington’s Gingerbread (Brown)

Based on her famous recipe this beer emulates the ginger, raisin, and dry sweetbread flavors of Mary Washington’s gingerbread.   Brewed in collaboration with Mary Washington House in Fredericksburg VA. 


Snowshoe Winter Ale (Spiced Beer)

A perennial favorite, Bobsled is a lightly spiced winter ale with orange peel, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger.


Beer Available in Cans or Bottles

Red Wine Barrel Aged Farmhouse Saison (Saison)

Our red wine barrel aged farmhouse saison is a complex and slightly tart beer.  Each barrel brings a distinct flavor to the mix and we blend them together to make a fruity, crisp, and very drinkable sour saison.


Falmouth APA (American Pale Ale)

In Falmouth, Virginia, the fall line of the Rappahannock River, 18th Century Fredericksburg brewers used generous amounts of American grain and a modest amount of American hops. We do too. This results in a nice, clean aroma. The flavor is malty upfront, followed by big, crisp citrusy hops. A nice toasty malt backbone stands up well to the hops


Classic Lager (Lager)

We worked closely with the Pivovaru Monopol (Monopoly Brewery) in Teplice, Czech Republic to brew a very traditional Czech Pilsner.  We used only the finest European ingredients and followed the process handed down from brewer to brewer over the long history of Czech brewing to create this award winning beer!


Stonewall Stout (Irish Dry Stout)

A dry stout that pours pitch black and opaque with an aroma that is subtle, sweet, and pleasantly malty with strong coffee notes, and hints of dark chocolate.


Fred Red (Irish Red)

This Irish style ale will arouse your senses with its refreshing aroma and pure malt inspired body.  Treat yourself to its unforgettable flavor, creamy head, and deep red color.


Backpack Wheat (Hefeweizen)

No adventure is complete without a backpack, right? We brewed this traditional German-style beer with summer adventures in mind. It is refreshing and smooth, like any good summer wheat, but has citrus overtones. It is brewed with German grains, German hops, and German yeast.


Coming Soon

Shut your Trap! (Amber Ale)

We all have our things to help us get through the work week some eat chocolate, some of us work out but at Adventure Brewing Company we have two favorite work week pick me ups, beer, and tunes. This crisp delicious amber ale was made in collaboration with Trapper Young and the good folks over at B101.5! So when you are listening to Trapper on your commute home and need an oasis to wait out the traffic reach for this amazing beer. A portion of the sales from this beer will also support the B101.5 care-athon so have a great beer for a great cause!

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