We sell 32 oz or 64 oz Adventure Brewing growlers at each location (Adventure North or Adventure South) to fill with our year round or any of our seasonal beers.  We are also able to fill growlers from other breweries. Please make sure that your growlers are clean before bringing them into the brewery, we want the beer to taste as fresh as possible.

Bottles and Cans at Adventure North

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Our Belgian Golden Strong ale is fruity, complex and on the higher end of the ABV spectrum.  This beer’s hop aroma, flavor, and bitterness is low, with a strong floral and fruity flavor.


Barrel Aged Quad (Belgian Quad)

This Belgian style strong dark ale is similar to our Belgian Dubbel but bigger in every way and then aged it for a year inside of a port finished barrel. This malt-forward beer has rich, strong, and complex flavors, a bit of tartness, with a sweet start, spicy kick, and a surprisingly low alcohol finish for a 12% ABV beer.

(3.89) | 68 Ratings
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Black Sail Scotch Ale (Scottish Ale)


Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the greatest adventurers of all times were the pirates who roamed the seven seas. The most rare and fierce pirate ships had Black sails to give their ships a notable presence. The same spirit is captured with this gold medal award winning scotch ale. A bold and malty beer is smoother than the seas after a red sky at night. Do you have what it takes to adventure with a black sail?


Bottles and Cans at Adventure South