White Water Craft Seltzer

Whitewater is the perfect drink for any adventure! Light citrus flavor makes it the perfect beverage to mix with fruit or drink on it’s own!

Fred Red (Irish Red)

This Irish style ale will arouse your senses with its refreshing aroma and pure malt inspired body.  Treat yourself to its unforgettable flavor, creamy head, and deep red color.

Expedition IPA (IPA)

An interesting update to plain old IPAs, Expedition IPA calls forth a blend of citrus and white wine hop flavors that temper a clean lightly malted grain background. Certain to satisfy the long time IPA lover, this beer avoids the hop punch associated with many IPAs.

(3.65) | 2,368 Ratings
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Tropical Tsunami White Water Craft Seltzer

This imperial hard seltzer has been infused with a hint of Mango and pineapple for a tropical flavor.

Bourbon Barrel Backpack Wheat

We took our Backpack Wheat and aged it in port finished bourbon barrels for an entire year and the results are delicious. Sweet and tart, our Bourbon Barrel Backpack Wheat is reminiscent of a dry wine and a sweet cider. Oaky and bourbon notes give this beer a unique flavor profile that will warm you up on these cool, fall days.

Black Sail Scotch Ale (Scottish Ale)


Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the greatest adventurers of all times were the pirates who roamed the seven seas. The most rare and fierce pirate ships had Black sails to give their ships a notable presence. The same spirit is captured with this gold medal award winning scotch ale. A bold and malty beer is smoother than the seas after a red sky at night. Do you have what it takes to adventure with a black sail?

Wicked Nymph (Imperial Stout)

Rich and roasty flavors are accentuated with a tropical hop aroma in our Wicked Nymph Imperial Stout.

(3.79) | 995 Ratings
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Candy Cane Stout

This creamy stout has roasty notes of chocolate, coffee, and peppermint.

Winter Berry White Water Craft Hard Seltzer

This White Water has crisp notes of fruity berries to get you into the winter mood.

ABC Lite lager

A light beer, done right- Adventure Brewing Light. We will put this tasty light beer against all the major competitors. All the flavor of craft, without the calories.

Manly Stanley Lager

This lager is Manly…. just like the band Fat Stanley.  Light, crisp and refreshable this lager will keep you rocking all day long.


Crack that WH-IPA

Give this brew a sip,

When wheat beers meet hops,

You must WH-IPA it,

Now WH-IPA it,

WH-IPA it good,

Enjoy this Wheat IPA infusion of a beer.

Cliffhanger NEIPA

Filled with notes of tropical fruit kisses with a kick of spice, this perfectly hazy NEIPA is everything you are looking for in a New England. With notes of mango, pineapple, and just the right amount of pine, the Cliffhanger NEIPA will have you coming back for more.

Adventure Radler

This traditional German Radler has been brewed with lemons and just a hint of orange and ginger to refresh you on any day!

Annie Oatley Stout

Named after American sharpshooter, Annie Oakley, our Oatmeal stout comes in nutty with fruity characters and a sweet malty, subtle hop aroma.

Class 1 Kolsch

One of our favorite adventures is hitting up the river and taking on the whitewater but every now and then it’s nice to kick back and float your troubles away! That is what Class 1 Kolsch is all about! Brewed with the easy going water in mind this crisp clean easy drinking beer is perfect for a day on the open water. It’s great to ride the rapids but sometimes you gotta just take it easy. This beer was also made with 100% Virginia malts from our friends Murphy & Rude Malting Co.. So come float away with us with the delicious Class 1 Kolsch.


This beer is Paws-itively wonderful! In collaboration with the Fredericksburg SPCA we have created a delicious pale ale for a cause! This balanced hazy ale is loaded down with oats and El Dorado hops giving it the perfect fruity flavors. The haze for this beer was also created without lactose making it vegan and animal friendly. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will also go back to support our friends at the Fredericksburg SPCA so grab a pint and support our furry friends!

Lost Hat Lager (Lager)

Even the most successful of adventures can require sacrifice. Blood, Sweat, Tears? Maybe but here at Adventure we wanted to pay homage to all the hats out there that have been lost for the sake of a good time. Whether ziplining, kayaking or whatever escapades you may journey on this crisp, clean, Vienna-Style Lager is ready to come along for the ride! So raise a glass to the baseball caps, boonies and bowlers that have been lost along the way. To the Lost Hats!

(3.69) | 31 Ratings
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Falmouth APA (American Pale Ale)

In Falmouth, Virginia, the fall line of the Rappahannock River, 18th Century Fredericksburg brewers used generous amounts of American grain and a modest amount of American hops. We do too. This results in a nice, clean aroma. The flavor is malty upfront, followed by big, crisp citrusy hops. A nice toasty malt backbone stands up well to the hops

Night Hike Black IPA (Black IPA)

A black IPA that is slightly roasty and dry hopped with Columbus and Topaz hops

Mary Washington’s Gingerbread (Brown)

Nothing warms us up for the season like gingerbread. Most people talk about their grandmother’s recipe but we get our recipe from the nation’s grandmother Mary Washington. That’s right we use this old fashioned gingerbread recipe to create a perfect brown ale that is like cookies in a glass. With the perfect balance of spices this beer will put you in the spirit.