Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer

Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer is a clean seltzer with subtle notes of citrus and juniper, with a slightly champagne-like aroma and finish.

Fred Red (Irish Red)

Flavors of malty, smooth, full-bodied Irish red ale featuring notes of lightly toasted biscuit and finishing sweetness.

Stiletto Stout (Stout)

Some adventures are a little on the darker side. A rich, malty, and smooth stout. Stiletto Stout has a full flavor and light roasted overtones, making it a brewery favorite.

Expedition IPA (IPA)

Expedition IPA is abright, citrusy west coast ipa features notes of grapefruit and pine with a mild-medium bitter finish.

(3.65) | 2,412 Ratings
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Backpack Wheat (Hefeweizen)

Backpack Wheat: There are several things that are essential to a great Adventure, the call to action, the plan to go for your goals and who can forget a trusty backpack. Backpack Wheat is are traditional German hefeweizen that we feel is essential to the perfect adventure whether that’s out in the backcountry or out in the backyard there’s no better beer than our original recipe Backpack Wheat.

Wicked Nymph (Imperial Stout)

Bold, roasty imperial stout features strong notes of dark chocolate and coffee roast, with a slightly citrusy, bitter finish.

(3.79) | 1,021 Ratings
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West Coast IPA

Bursting with citrus, tropical fruit aroma, this classic west coast spa features dank notes of grapefruit, lemon rind and pineapple with a dry, piney finish.

Coffee Blonde Stout

Light in body and color. With strong coffee and smokey chocolate notes.

Powerhouse Baltic Porter

A baltic porter by style, filled with hints of caramel and toffee, coffee, and roast.

Blue Berry Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer

We infused a batch of our Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer with over 100 pounds of blue berries for a fruity, slightly tart blue berry flavor.

Dream Cycle Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer

Don’t worry your not dreaming. We took a batch of our Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer and infused it with Oranges and vanilla for a sweet play on a dream cycle ice cream bar.

Mimosa Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer

Light hard seltzer with no bitterness and a fruity citrus orange flavor.

Apple Sighter Adventure Craft Hard Seltzer

Our hard seltzer that has been infused to taste like a apple.

Rod and Reel Pilsner (Pilsner - Czech)

Any good fisherman needs his rod and reel to get his job done.  This is the equipment all fishermen count on.  Having a trusty rod and reel can make or break your day and we have a beer that is as trusty as these tools!   Our rod and reel pilsner is the trusty beer you can count on time after time.  With a crisp clean finish, this beer is perfect for the craft beer beginner or the connoisseur. This reliable beer was made with Virginia malt from Murphy and Rude Malting Company.  When you need a beer you can count on reach for your rod and reel!

Devil Goat Ale

We worked with our friends at the University of MaryWashington to create a beer for their pre finals tradition known as Devil Goat Day.  Devil Goat Beer is a hoppy irish red ale that starts with a sweet malt flavor and finishes with juicy grapefruit notes.

Stonewall Stout (Irish Dry Stout)

A dry stout that pours pitch black and opaque with an aroma that is subtle, sweet, and pleasantly malty with strong coffee notes, and hints of dark chocolate.

Lavender Wit (Witbier)

This Belgian Wit has tangerine peel, coriander, and lavender.

Belgian Single (Belgian Ale)

This lighter cousin to our Belgian Dubbel has similar fruity esters but is lighter in both color and alcohol content.

Invasion English Special (English Special Bitter)

Our take on an English Special Bitter, Invasion ESB brings traditional English hop and grain elements together to form a slightly sweet and highly drinkable beer.