We always offer a wide variety of freshly brewed beers.  Stop in frequently as we have new beers releasing almost every week.

Year round beers on tap

Rod and Reel Pilsner (Pilsner – Czech)

Any good fisherman needs his rod and reel to get his job done.  This is the equipment all fishermen count on.  Having a trusty rod and reel can make or break your day and we have a beer that is as trusty as these tools!   Our rod and reel pilsner is the trusty beer you can count on time after time.  With a crisp clean finish, this beer is perfect for the craft beer beginner or the connoisseur. This reliable beer was made with Virginia malts from Copper Fox Distillery.  When you need a beer you can count on reach for your rod and reel!


Fred Red (Irish Red)

This Irish style ale will arouse your senses with its refreshing aroma and pure malt inspired body.  Treat yourself to its unforgettable flavor, creamy head, and deep red color.


Expedition IPA (IPA)

An interesting update to plain old IPAs, Expedition IPA calls forth a blend of citrus and white wine hop flavors that temper a clean lightly malted grain background. Certain to satisfy the long time IPA lover, this beer avoids the hop punch associated with many IPAs.

(3.65) | 2,171 Ratings
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Specialty Beers on Tap

Port Barrel Aged Black Sail Scotch Ale

coming to port can mean a lot to a wary sailor, refueling, resting and relaxing before returning to adventures on the high seas. Port also describes a beautiful wine usually enjoyed among friends after a hearty meal. In order to blend this beautiful wine with our fantastic beer we chose the beer we thought would fit the bill perfectly. Our Black Sail Scotch Ale is an award winning deep, complex and malty beer that can bring comfort to any soul. To make this beer even more appealing we aged this lovely beer in port barrels to bring out the complex flavors in both beverages. This beer is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a day of adventures.


Black Sail Scotch Ale (Scottish Ale)

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the greatest adventurers of all times were the pirates who roamed the seven seas. The most rare and fierce pirate ships had Black sails to give their ships a notable presence. The same spirit is captured with this award winning scotch ale. A bold and malty beer is smoother than the seas after a red sky at night. Do you have what it takes to adventure with a black sail?


Second Ascent Double IPA (Imperial IPA)

Second Ascent is an IPA that packs a punch of hops without the bitterness. The lingering flavor comes from a unique blend of galaxy, citra and nelson sauvin hops. When you’re going back up the mountain for another round this is the beer to grab!


Wicked Nymph (Imperial Stout)

Rich and roasty flavors are accentuated with a tropical hop aroma in our Wicked Nymph Imperial Stout.

(3.78) | 894 Ratings
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Seasonal Beers on Tap

Strawberry Wheat

If you enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries and a smooth and delicious craft beer, look no further. We took our traditional German-style beer, Backpack Wheat, and added strawberry puree to give you a fruity a refreshing brew.


Lost Hat Lager (Lager)

Even the most successful of adventures can require sacrifice. Blood, Sweat, Tears? Maybe but here at Adventure we wanted to pay homage to all the hats out there that have been lost for the sake of a good time. Whether ziplining, kayaking or whatever escapades you may journey on this crisp, clean, Vienna-Style Lager is ready to come along for the ride! So raise a glass to the baseball caps, boonies and bowlers that have been lost along the way. To the Lost Hats!

(3.68) | 19 Ratings
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